What Is The Best Tourist Season in China?

The climate of China is also divided into four seasons: Spring – Summer – Autumn – Winter. Each season brings its own beauty, appeal and special characteristics, so you can choose any time to travel to China.

Travel to China in Spring

Spring is the season of sprouts, buds and the season of fragrant blooming flowers. Therefore, if you want to travel to China to see the flowers bloom here, you can plan travel in late April and early May. At this time the weather starts to warm up and the temperature is not very high, very suitable for sightseeing, tourism in China. Moreover, this is not the peak season in China so all the services here are not highly priced, so you will save a significant travel expenses. In addition, spring is the time of many interesting festivals such as ethnic festivals in Guizhou. Here you will not only get into the festival and explore the exciting activities, but also get a better understanding of the culture of the Miao and Dong ethnicity.

Travel to China in summer

Considered to be the most beautiful Chinese tourist season, with an average daytime temperature of 35C, sunny weather, warmth, so at this time the number of visitors to visit China are very crowded. If you travel in the summer, you can go to places such as Tibet, North West, Mongolia … or other Chinese tourist spots.

July, August is the peak time of Chinese tourist, so booking air tickets and lodging is very difficult. Therefore, before planning a trip to China in the summer, you should pay attention to the time to buy tickets and reservations, avoid the burning of the plane ticket and lodging.

Travel to China in autumn

What Is The Best Tourist Season in China?
What Is The Best Tourist Season in China?

Autumn, the time from late September to early October, is considered the best time to travel to China. However, according to Chinese travel experience, it is advisable to go to the famous tourist spots in China such as: Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu. At this time, the weather here is relatively cool, pleasant, very suitable for sightseeing. Moreover, in the autumn you will be able to see the landscape of the trees here are changing the color of leaves from blue to yellow, red to create a romantic landscape full of colors.

In addition, when traveling to China in the autumn, you should not travel at the first day of October as it is the Chinese National Day (October 1) so the price of hotel rooms in China and services such as restaurants here will increase very high. Moreover, Chinese traffic on these days are also crowded.

Travel to China in winter

If you want to save money when traveling to China, the winter will be the ideal time. Because the winter weather in China is very cold, so few people travel so the cost of all services from airfare to hotel prices are discounted simultaneously.

However, if you travel to China in the winter, you not only have the opportunity to enjoy and experience the cold air here but also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of entertainment activities, great festivals here such as: Skiing, snowman making … or participate in the attractive festival in Harbin.

Or, if you’re scared of the cold weather of China, you can travel to Hainan Island or to the rainforest in Yunnan. These are two tropical areas that will warm you up in the winter. Don’t worry about the chilly winter of China.

Hopefully with the sharing and advice above you will know what season and what month to travel to China? From there, you can choose the best time to travel to China to help your sightseeing and travel more interesting.