Things to Do When Traveling to Shanghai

Shanghai is China’s most economically developed city, an ideal shopping destination with many well-known business centers, famous buildings and skyscrapers. Despite its rapid economic growth, Shanghai still retains its own imprint, old towns, craft villages, traditional culinary culture, etc. If you have opportunity to go to Shanghai, you have to do the following things to have a perfect trip.

Visiting The Bund

The Bund is one of the most luxurious boulevards in the world, attracting domestic and foreign visitors to stroll and admire the unique beauty of the former Huangpu River pier. The view of the west is quite old, ancient, and the east is the skyscrapers rising up closely, always lights up until midnight. This contradictory image reflects a modern, youthful and dynamic Shanghai but retaining its ancient, nostalgic features. At night, walking The Bund is a great experience. The light seems to be the owner of this place at night, the large buildings and the Oriental Pearl Tower are illuminated sparklingly, reflected in the water, making an unforgetable scene.

Experience the fast speed of the Maglev train

There are many ways to travel in Shanghai, but it is a pity if you miss the fast speed of the Maglev train. Shanghai’s Maglev train is one of the fastest trains in the world. At a speed of up to 430 km / h, it takes less than 8 minutesfor a 30km journey from Pudong International Airport to Longyang Station in the city, including stops at the terminals.

This is also considered as the pride of Shanghai’s transportation industry. The Maglev speed train is the metaphor for Shanghai’s development.

Shopping in Nanjing

Nanjing is considered a shopping heaven in Shanghai. The 5.5 km road is home to many restaurants, commercial centers in the buildings of classical European architecture. This bustling street is open all day and night, is an ideal place for shopping lovers. If you do not have the ability to walk all the street, you can take the tram along the street. The price per trip is 5 yuan.

Excursions to the Huangpu River at night

The Huangpu River promenade will provide you with a great nightlife experience and excitement. Standing on the boat, you will feel the beauty of the city from a completely new perspective. You will also find famous sites such as the Kim Ma Tower, the Oriental Pearl Tower and the Huangpu Park.

Things to Do When Traveling to Shanghai
Things to Do When Traveling to Shanghai

Enjoy the cuisine

Shanghai is said to have a rich cuisine as it is home to the largest number of immigrants in China. You have a lot of options to enjoy the cuisine here based on your your budget, from luxury restaurants to sidewalk cafes. The most popular dishes are Peking Duck, sausage, water dumplings, tofu … However, you definitely must enjoy the Shanghai dumplings, this cake is considered the specialty of the city.

Wandering the Former French Concession

The Former French Concession is home to the European soul of Shanghai, which was under the control of the French colonialists from the late 19th century to the mid-20th century. This area still retains its old style with the old but luxurious architecture.

Although it is ancient, when you visit the Xintiandi, you will be amazed with the atmosphere here. This is a 24/24 amusement park and is the headquarters of tourists from all over the world.

In contrast to the Xintiandi, Sinan and Shaoxing streets are quiet, making visitors feel like they are walking in Europe. It is famous for the greenery that was planted hundreds of years ago, with mossy buildings.

If you want to visit the traditional villages, handicraft shops, art galleries, … you should go to Tianzifang. Although it is a small area, this place has a very lively life.

Visit the Shanghai Art Museum

Coming to the Shanghai Museum of Art, visitors can enjoy the unique architecture along with the vibrant red tones of the building. However, when you step inside the museum, you will be overwhelmed by an extremely rich space of classical Chinese art such as reliefs, paintings, pottery, etc. All only have one version at the Shanghai Art Museum.

Become actresses/actors at the Shanghai studio

Built and completed in 1999, recreating the context of Shanghai from the 1920s to the 20th Century, the Shanghai studio is home to the footage of most of the films of the period. When you step into the studio, you will find familiar corners because you may see them in popular films.

The studio is about an hour’s drive from central Shanghai, you can come here by bus or subway. Entrance fee is 80 yuan but it is worth it, if you are a fan of movies. The film is divided into several zones, opening from 8:30 to 16:30.