The Most Popular and Beautiful Tourist Destinations in Hangzhou

Hangzhou is one of the 10 most developed cities in China, about 180 km northwest of Shanghai. For a long time the land was dubbed “The heaven on earth”  because charming landscapes are famous throughout the country and abroad. This is also the biggest reason that Hangzhou became the famous tourism center in Zhejiang Province. The following are the most beautiful and popular tourist attractions in Hangzhou.

West Lake – Heaven on earth

West Lake is a must- visit attraction in Hangzhou. The West Lake is a large freshwater lake divided into five sections by three causeways, the Bai Causeway, the Su Causeway and the Yang Causeway. In the area above and near the lake there are many temples, pagodas and beautiful gardens. In which Lei Feng pagoda is the famous tourist destination with Bai Suzhen legend.

In 2011, West Lake was recognized as a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Come here at different times of the year, you will feel the different beauty, especially from June to September every year, people and visitors come here to watch the lotus lake. Because of the glittering beauty, West Lake has gone into many paintings, poems of ancient time.

Longjing Tea Plantation – A must-see destination in Hangzhou

Hangzhou has a unique combination of water, soil, and ancient heritage. This is the factor that makes the Longjing tea. Located not far from the center of Hangzhou, Longjing Tea Plantation is the place to produce this famous tea with the best quality. Visitors not only see the modern process of growing, harvesting tea but also have the opportunity to buy this premium tea as gifts for relatives and friends. Therefore, the plantation is a tourist attraction can not be ignored when traveling to Hangzhou.

Lei Feng Tower – Attractive attractions in Hangzhou

Located in the south of  West Lake, Lei Feng Tower is one of the most famous sights in Hangzhou. The tower was built in 975 but suddenly collapsed in 1924. In 2004 the local government of Hangzhou rebuilt the tower in accordance with the old architecture. According to Chinese folklore, this is the place where Bai Suzhen was imprisoned.

The Most Popular and Beautiful Tourist Destinations in Hangzhou
The Most Popular and Beautiful Tourist Destinations in Hangzhou

Thousand Islets Lake – China’s most beautiful artificial lake

Thousand Islets Lake was completed in 1959 is the most beautiful artificial lake in China, is also an ideal place to visit in Hangzhou for all visitors. Situated on the lake, there are 1,078 large and small islands that make up an impressive landscape. Thousand Islets Lake is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Especially, not all visitors know that it is the water in the lake used to produce bottled water of Nongfu Spring, even in many areas people can drink directly.

Qinghefang Street – shopping paradise in Hangzhou

A popular tourist spot in Hangzhou, the Qinghefang walking street offers everything from silk, tea, pottery, porcelain … you will surely be attracted to this place. Famous as the Silk Road of China so the price here is quite attractive. You can buy the silk scarf for only $ 5 – $ 10. Because of this attraction, to avoid over-shopping, you need to have a detailed, reasonable plan before coming here.

China offers many places to visit and explore, but for those who love the romantic, gentle, nostalgic features, Hangzhou is the best destination. The above tourist attractions in Hangzhou are expected to give you a glimpse of tourism of  this place.