Sanya – The Pearl Between Hainan Island

Being dubbed “Hawaii of the Orient”, Sanya  City, located on Hainan Island (China), becomes a tourist destination for once in a lifetime. This is also the perfect place for visitors to experience the California surf.

Located on the southern side of Hainan Island, Sanya is blessed with a charming sea, with a very attractive bay, on temperate and cool climate. In Asia, Hainan is generally a paradise for the tourist season all year round.

It is not natural that people call Sanya a pearl of love, with the smooth white sand stretches endlessly, the water color is like jade green blended with yellow sunshine, that romantic scene can invite any visitor to this place. And this place was also chosen as the host for the Miss World from 2003 to 2005.

Explore the sea paradise Sanya

First you will visit Yalong Bay, which is the origin for Hawaii of the Orient, this is considered to be the most beautiful beach bays with a length of nearly 8km. Yalong Bay is also the place to experience the surf of Asia whose quality is as in California. The scenery in this bay is ideal for visitors to relax, sunbathe, swim or free to lie down for a nap.

Coming to Sanya city, you cannot ignore the “Edges of the heaven, corners of the sea” resort or Tianya Haijiao, which is the most romantic beach with the view of the vast white sand and blue sea.

Yalong alone is not enough, Sanya also attracts visitors with the population of the Dai Dong Hai Bay .

Sanya – The Pearl Between Hainan Island
Sanya – The Pearl Between Hainan Island

Sanya is not only the sea

This pearl island is also home to traditional cultural preservation. Le village with traditional customs, visitors coming here experience the lifestyle, way of life and culture of this nation. Explore the architecture, learn about the craft villages or taste the pork chopped pepper and herbs – the specialty is only here. Chinese tourists also enjoy the shows show techniques of dance of the ethnic Le.

It is not wrong  when saying nature is too fond of Sanya, in addition to the endless white sand beaches, this place was given the green hills. Guests will breath the smell of the prairies when going to Loc Hoi Dau  park, located on five hills with an area of ​​nearly 60 hectares. In the park is the symbol of Sanya City – the statue carved the deer and a couple of boy and girl expresses the faithfulness in love.

Because of the excellent scenery and natural beauty that Sanya was chosen as the host of Miss World, so far the Beauty Crown Grand Theatre  is still in open status, open free for visitors to contemplate the design of this unique crown dome.

Coming to Sanya visitors cannot missed Nanshan Cultural Tourism Area – a tourism complex with a variety of services from beaches, restaurants, resorts to Buddhist buildings. This is where the three-sided statue of Nam Hai Quan Yin with 108 meters high located, it is one of the tallest statues in the world.

Of course, in Sanya there is no shortage of shopping complexes, modern buildings, buildings with dynamic architecture that Romance Park is a typical. At the Park, visitors are delighted to see a different Sanya, is the combination of  modern and traditional beauty.

Finally, explore Sanya is not to be missed the night market with a variety of local dishes that visitors should taste like grilled meat skewers, boiled meat skewers with sauce where no place is available. Or the dishes are spiced with coconut milk made in Hainan, giving you the feeling of taste and sweetness.

If you are looking for a destination for China tour with a variety of types, Sanya is the perfect choice. From the white sand, immense blue water to the professional waves will certainly give you great travel experiences that are unforgettable.