Safe and Economical Tibet Travel Experiences

Not only being called the “roof of the world”, Tibet is one of the famous Buddhist holy sites, an attractive tourist destination that attracts many tourists from all over the world. When you come here, you will not only be able to discover the mystery of the mighty nature of the vast prairies in Tibet, the snow-capped mountains but you will also enjoy the unique cuisine in this place. This is also very interesting.

When should you travel to Tibet? Self-sufficient travel experiences of some people  show that summer and early autumn (from April to October) is the most beautiful Tibet travel season. Because the weather and climate at that time is dry season, less rain, warm sun and the night is also less cold, very pleasant. Besides, when you travel to Tibet at this time, you also have the opportunity to participate in many interesting festival.

Famous tourist attractions in Tibet

Namtso saltwater lake

Located on the top of Mount Nyainqentanglha, Namtso Lake covers an area of ​​1,948 km2 and is China’s second largest lake and 112 kilometers from Lhasa.  Therefore you will have to use a car, motorbike, or bus to get to Namtso Lake. When you come here, not only will you enjoy the beautiful natural scenery reflected in the turquoise waters of the lake, but you also have the opportunity to discover a lot of interesting things.

Potala Palace

The Potala Palace, also known as the Bodhisattva Palace (in Sanskrit), is home to the spiritual leader of Tibet, the Dalai Lama and also a famous tourist attraction in Tibet. Because of the solemnity of the Potala palace,  the security is very strict outside, so to visit the palace you will have to register and schedule before entering the Tibetan.

Yangbajain thermae

If you are looking to explore all the tourist attractions in Tibet, do not forget to visit the Yangbajain thermae. At an altitude of 4,276m, it is considered to be the largest stream in the world and attracts many domestic and foreign tourists to visit. When you come here, you will be immersed in the natural  thermae (about 28 °C), which is very good for health and enjoy the feeling of relaxation.

Gyama Village and Rabye Ling Monastery

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Tibet is definitely Gyama Village and Rabye Ling Monastery. These are two attractive and interesting places, attracting a lot of tourists to visit. Here, you will admire the beautiful paintings and stone spells that appear naturally on the birthday of King Songtsen Gampo (the famous and great king of Tibet). There are also many other interesting things.

Safe and Economical Tibet Travel Experiences
Safe and Economical Tibet Travel Experiences

Jiaohang Temple (Jokhang)

The ancient temple was built in 693, located in the center of Lhasa with a large area of ​​25,000m2 and 370 rooms to explore. Moreover, this is a famous monastery of Tibetan Buddhism and is a tourist attraction in Tibet you must visit when traveling to Tibet.

What to eat when traveling to Tibet?

Butter tea

To make the trip more complete, the experience of food here is indispensable. Therefore, delicious and famous food in Tibet you have to try first is butter tea, this is the popular drink and the main drink of the people here. Butter tea is popular not only because of its delicious, attractive taste but also because it is nutritious and good for health. When you come here, the Tibetan people are very hospitable so they will invite you to drink this, but you should not refuse, otherwise you will be considered disrespectful.

Tsampa cake

A delicious Tibetan dish with local flavors is Tsampa. The dish is made simply from the main ingredient, ie, barley or peas, fried and mixed with butter tea, but the taste is very attractive, making the customers irresistible.

Dried meat exposed to the wind

Dried meat is a good food, famous specialty in Tibet you definitely have to try when traveling here. Dishes should be made from winter, the end of the year when the temperature drops below 0 °C, the people here take the fresh goat meat, make it clean and then cut into strips of long meat and bring to the shady places, let the wind dry naturally and to about February, March next year you are able to enjoy it. Certainly when enjoying this unique, attractive dish once you will want to come back to enjoy the second time.

Dried beef

If you are looking for good food in Tibet, China, dried beef will be a good choice for you. Dishes are made from wild cows in the snow-capped highlands, so beef is more delicious than other areas. Especially the beef here is super clean food, so you can be assured of quality and safety.

Barley wine

Besides the delicious food, attractive specialties in Tibet, famous barley wine is also something you must enjoy even once. The wine is yellow, sweet and sour taste, and mild alcohol, should be suitable for all ages. Barley wine attracts many people not only by its delicious taste, but also by its unique way to drink “3 sips 1 glass”.