Phoenix Ancient Town – Time To travel and Destinations to Explore

Being dubbed as the fairyland in the heart of China, if anyone asks what is the most beautiful season in  Phoenix ancient town, it is difficult to answer because each season brings a different beauty.

Travel to Phoenix ancient town  in spring

Weather: With the spring weather, the air will be chilly with drizzle. Across the streets at Phoenix ancient town, a quiet, tranquil and exotic space will surely make you flutter.

The life of the people here is still peaceful with the mountains and rivers with bright colors and full of vitality. The Phoenix ancient town is ​​romantic so it is not difficult to see this is the best time to come here.

Travel to Phoenix ancient town  in summer

If the spring has a quiet beauty, then the summer season will put on a shirt of energetic vitality. A hot atmosphere but it is impossible to fill the freshness of the scene. During the day you can walk the river and enjoy great moments. Indeed for many people, this is the best answer to the question of which season they should travel to the Phoenix ancient town.

Travel to Phoenix ancient town  in autumn

In the tourist seasons of Phoenix ancient town, autumn always receives the most favor of nature with an extremely pleasant weather and dreamy scenery. The whole scene is covered with a yellow color that makes the scene become more beautiful and captivating. A blue sky with the high mountain ranges coinciding with the gentle Giang River makes you unable to deny. For young people or couples, this is the best time to travel to Phoenix ancient town.

Travel to Phoenix ancient town  in winter

Normally when being asked what is the best season to travel to Phoenix ancient town, few people choose winter to answer. However, if you are a subtle person, you can still find out the unique features of this place in the cold winter. A snowy town with white snow, all seemed to be hibernating with a quiet atmosphere. If you like quiet, peaceful, snowy experiences, don’t miss this place in winter.

Phoenix Ancient Town – Time To travel and Destinations to Explore
Phoenix Ancient Town – Time To travel and Destinations to Explore

Phoenix ancient town in all seasons are beautiful, each season has its own characteristics, each season is charming, is suitable to visit the Phoenix ancient town. However, Autumn is a good answer and most agreed by tourists, it is also the peak season of this place.

What to hang out at Phoenix ancient town?

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park covers an area of ​​thousands of square kilometers, and in this beautiful landscape, there are many sub-areas such as Jiutian Cave, Zhangjiajie Scenic Area, Tianzi Shan Scenic Area, Binglang Valley, Wulingyuan Scenic & Historic Interest Area … There are thousands of pillars and peaks. Many stone pillars are hundreds of meters high, in the middle of mountain peaks, ravines or rock pillars are waterfalls, streams, with 40 caves, 2 huge natural bridges, primeval trees, deep valleys forming an impressive landscape.

Tianmen Shan – the name says it all, the road leads to heaven gate. Tianmen Shan is an 11km long road leading to peak of 1,100 m high above sea level. Tianmen Shan with 99 divine bends with billions of dead angles challenge every driver. The road is voted as one of the most dangerous roads in the world in the list of readers of Dangerous Roads.

Today, Phoenix ancient town wears an ancient shirt separates from the hustle and bustle of life outside. Phoenix ancient town’s attraction comes from preserving intact cultural values and history before the destruction of time.