Harbin – The ice city in China

If you want to explore the whole beauty of China without visiting Harbin, then it is a big mistake. It is not only the center of politic, economy, science and culture of Northeast China, but Harbin is also considered an attractive tourist destination, with many beautiful natural landscapes and famous architectural works such as: Harbin Ice and Snow World, Sun Island Park, Volga Manor Resort …

What is the most beautiful season for Harbin tourism?

The weather in Harbin is almost cold all year round, especially in winter the temperature drops to -38 degrees Celsius, while the summer temperature rises to about 20 degrees Celsius and still has snow .

So, what is the best time to travel  to Harbin? According to the safe and self-sufficient Harbin travel experience, they said that the period from December to January next year is considered the most beautiful time of Harbin tourism in the year. By this time everywhere are covered with white snow , creating an extremely unique and impressive natural scenery. However, for those who cannot stand the cold below -20 degrees C, so the summer time from July to September is considered the most ideal time to travel to Harbin. .

 Famous places for sightseeing and tourism in Harbin

Harbin Ice and Snow World

One of the most famous places to visit and travel in Harbin is the Snow and Ice World. Built in 1999 and is considered an amusement park, the largest and most beautiful snow and ice art exhibition in the world. When coming here, you will be overwhelmed by the architectural design with ice and snow of the park, along with the twinkling lights creating the fancifulness, impressiveness to tourists. Besides, in addition to looking at the design of the ice park, you can also experience many interesting recreational activities here: Ice skating, golfing on ice, skiing, snowing ….

Harbin - The ice city in China
Harbin – The ice city in China

Solar Island Park

Not only is it considered a beautiful, attractive tourist destination and attraction in Harbin which attracts many visitors to visit, but the solar island park is also one of the most popular resorts in China. The park with a total area is quite large, up to more than 3,800ha, surrounded by blue lakes, colorful flower gardens creating a romantic landscape. Besides, you also have the opportunity to explore a lot of big buildings, with unique architecture, fine sculpted artwork.

Volga Manor Resort

If you are a lover of Russian architectural art, Volga Manor Resort will be the ideal destination. Built on the theme of Russia, everything here from natural landscapes such as gardens of flowers, rivers, marshes, … to buildings such as bridges, houses are designed according to Ancient Russian architecture, creating a peaceful, poetic space like the context of a fairy tale.

Besides, in addition to watching the natural scenery and discovering the unique works here, this beautiful, attractive sightseeing and tourist destination in Harbin is also considered an ideal place to organize  entertainment activities, outdoor activities, weddings …

Saint Sophia Church (Harbin Museum of Art Architecture)

Designed from 1907, Saint Sophia Church is considered one of the famous tourist attractions in Harbin. Over time, it was restored and remodeled many times and was transformed into Harbin Art Architecture Museum in 1997. Visitors come here in addition to exploring the architecture of the unique church, you will also have the opportunity to learn about the history of the city’s development through the ages and see a lot of magnificent art works. It is sure that after the trip you will have a lot of memorable memories.

Eating and shopping in Harbin

If you want to shop and enjoy delicious food, specialties in Harbin, then go to Zhongyang walking street, which is considered the largest and longest street in Asia. It is home to a variety of shops and restaurants for travelers to explore.

If you want to go shopping, there are also a wide variety of products ranging from fashion items such as clothes, bags, shoes, fashion accessories … to souvenirs. You can easily choose your favorite items to make Harbin travel gifts.

Besides, this is also the place to discover ideal Harbin cuisine, with a lot of delicious and attractive dishes.  Among them, the most outstanding dish is the sausage.