Favorite Destinations in Tianjin

Tianjin is one of the most famous and richest cities in China. Just like Beijing, Tianjin attracts a large number of tourists with its long history and cultural values. Enjoy the richness and vibrant atmosphere here through the most famous tourist destinations.

Florence Town, Wuqing District – A typical tourist destination in Tianjin

The Florence town has been re-enacted in Wuqing district, Tianjin, with its unmistakable European classical architecture. It is named according to the Italian village of Florentia. The town is very similar to the original version from high-end shopping outlets such as Gucci, Celine, Chloe, Fendi or Prada, to the fountain, the Grand Canal, the Rialto bridge … to bring a romantic feeling as we are in Europe.

Hai Ha River – Famous tourist spot in Tianjin

Hai Ha is also the highlight of Tianjin tourism with the total length up to 72km and flowing into the North Sea. There are total 21 bridges across the river create an extremely stunning landscape. The rollercoaster which was built on the Yonggang bridge is considered to be the symbolic eye of Tianjin and is lit every night.

Five Great Avenues – Attraction cannot be ignored in Tianjin

Five Great Avenues is the intersection of five roads in the south of Tianjin. You will quickly recognize the historic buildings here have  unique and strange style. There are about 2,000 European-style villas, built in the 1920s and 1930s. Coming to Five Great Avenues, visitors also have the opportunity to experience the feeling of ancient horse carriage to admire the miniature European city in the heart of Tianjin.

Ceramic House – Tourist Attraction Not to be missed in Tianjin

Visit another special tourist destination in Tianjin named ceramic house. The house was built with ceramics by collector Truong Len Chi with Gucci, Celine, Chloe, Fendi or Prada, to the fountain, artificial Grand Canal, Rialto bridge … Furniture in the room is very valuable because  they are antiques collected for nearly two decades. In addition, there are 3,000 porcelain vase in the yard and are called “Ping’an Qiang” means “wall of peace”.

Favorite destinations in Tianjin
Favorite destinations in Tianjin

Yang Lieu Qing Town – Extremely attractive tourist attraction in Tianjin

Yang Lieuqing is a famous historical town in northern China, where a museum displays traditional Chinese paper cut pictures. Here you will be instructed to make paper pictures to show in the house simple and popular words such as “Phuc” word, carp, phoenix … meaning luck, blessing, prosperity and happiness. The paper-cut painting Art at Yang Lieuqing was recognized by UNESCO as the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2009.

Mingliu Tea Room – Tourist Attractions Not to be missed in Tianjin

For the people of Tianjin, sitting at Mingliu Tea Room, enjoying the comedy, sipping a cup of tea is an elegant pleasure and popular in the evening in this place.

The Mingliu Tea Room was built in 1991, and was designed and built by the wife of Lao Xa (a well-known Chinese writer).

Huangyaguan Great Wall

Huangyaguan Great Wall (part of the Great Wall of China) is located 28km north of Tianjin. The wall was first built during the reign of the North Qi (550-577), then rebuilt and expanded in the Ming dynasty (1368-1644).

The Huangyaguan Great Wall is in the suburb of Tianjin. The 3,052m long Huangyaguan Great Wall is the longest-restored section of the Great Wall. Huangyaguan has walls and towers were built on a 738 meter high mountain slope. The Huangyaguan citadel runs through the mountains like a dragon guarding the citadel and the entrance to the north of Tianjin.

Panshan Mountain – Unique tourist destination in Tianjin

Panshan Mountain, located in Ji County, is a national tourist destination that has been listed as one of the top 15 tourist destinations in China. This site was visited by the Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) more than 30 times. That has made it a popular tourist destination for both domestic and international visitors and especially history lovers.

At present, with the development of technology, a resort built on Panshan Mountain offers many services and specialties that you can move there by helicopter, at a cost of 880 yuan per person for a trip.

Tianjin Ancient Town – The most famous tourist spot in Tianjin

The Ancient Town is a chain of traditional handicraft shops, including: paper cut pictures. In the Ancient Town, visitors can admire the ancient architecture from the Ming Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty (1368-1911) of China, or the European-style villas in the concession in harmony with modern buildings. In the middle of this street there is an old theater built in the 15th century.