Discover the paradise on the earth of Jiuzhaigou in China

In Sichuan, China, there is a place called the paradise on the earth. With the scenery of the lake, picturesque woodland, Jiuzhaigou National Park attracts visitors from all over the world. Here you can see the beautiful lakes that no places have.

The location of Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area (meaning “Nine Settlement Valley”) is a nature reserve, a national park belongng to the Jiang and Tibetan ABa autonomous ethnic group, in the northern province of Sichuan, China. .

Jiuzhaigou is located on an altitude ranging from 2,000 to 4,500m above sea level with a total area of ​​54,297ha, of which more than 80% is forest. It is formed on the sedimentary limestone mountains that belong to the edge of the Tibetan plateau, is famous for its multicolored lakes, multi-level waterfalls and snow- capped peaks. Jiuzhaigou was recognized by UNESCO as world natural heritage in 1992, the world biosphere reserve in 1997.

Jiuzhaigou picture is beautiful and enchanting

Jiuzhaigou consists of 3 valleys arranged in the Y shape: The Rize and Zechawa are 2 valleys running from the south to meet in the center of the area, which is also where the Shuzheng flows north to the mouth of the valley.

This is a complex consisting of primeval forest, high mountain ranges, deep pools and immense grasslands. The sides of Jiuzhaigou are all covered with dense vegetation. With 2/3 of the area is temperate forest, Jiuzhaigou paradise is a place to develop many species of rare plants and animals in the world. There are 27 rare and precious species to be protected such as giant pandas, golden monkeys, wild buffalo, white-lipped pythons, black-necked cranes, swans, peony safes, gold pheasants, snow leopard, musk deer, otter, green sheep, …

Discover the paradise on the earth of Jiuzhaigou in China
Discover the paradise on the earth of Jiuzhaigou in China

Jiuzhaigou Paradise is also outstanding with the beauty of pine forests and hundreds of waterfalls and charming colorful lakes. It is also known as the “sea lake” land with 100 large and small lakes forming a chain of sparkling pearls. The vegetation and inorganic minerals brought to the lakes in Jiuzhaigou a fanciful and clear blue color that we can see through the depths of 30 meters. It is said that these lakes are made up of fragments of a goddess mirror.

What season should we travel to Jiuzhaigou?

The four seasons in Jiuzhaigou all have different beauty, but most people who come here think that autumn is the best season. Any traveler who comes to Jiuzhaigou in the autumn will be surprised by the multicolored beauty of the nature here. Around October to early November, Jiuzhaigou heaven comes up with a brilliant new shirt.

Jiuzhaigou is adorned with the colors of leaves from yellow, red, orange and purple creating a colorful natural picture with many tones mixed together beautifully. The surface of the lakes in Jiuzhaigou becomes green, crystal and can change color from time to time. Jiuzhaigou natural scenery has been many times appeared in the famous movies of Chinese cinema, especially in the film Journey to the West and The Great Sculptor.

Famous places to visit in Jiuzhaigou

Panda Lake

Besides a poetic Fenghuang Ancient Town, Chinese tourism cannot mention Jiuzhaigou with Lake Panda. This is an interesting attraction of Jiuzhaigou you should not miss. The lake is famous for its blue and clear waters. Panda Lake is a complete picture of the combination of white ice and blue of the lake water and the brown of the leafless trees. Not only for those who love romance, but any tourists are fascinated by the beauty of Lake Panda.

Pearl Shoal Waterfall

One of the most wild waterfalls of Jiuzhaigou is the Pearl Shoal Waterfall. The waterfall is in front of the primeval forest – the convergence of streams and lakes – a suitable place for you to take a walk, admire the scenery and breathe the fresh air.

Five Flower Lake

Traveling to Jiuzhaigou, Five Flower Lake is also a great place you should not miss. Five Flower Lake is a large lake with a depth of 6.6m and a width of nearly 3,000m, the lake has a harmonious beauty between trees and mountains, creating a wild and rustic picture that is unique.

Mirror Lake

The water in the lake was so clear that people seemed to be confused with a mirror under the lake that reflects the whole view of the forest, giving you the most complete view of the wild, rustic and peaceful forest.